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“Jaipur on Wheel excursion” A highlight of the Jaipur on Wheel experience - an exploratory drive in rugged four wheel jeeps where one will scramble and climb over forested hill and higher crests. As small convoy vehicles track up and down at the city of Sawai Man Singh , invariably getting stuck, part of the fun is ‘pushing out’ and enjoying the locales life before you are back in the car and off again. Heritage drives wind through the forts, temples and 'streets', (the valleys between city). A gentle drive (about an hour and a half) through the ethnicity is a great way to cover the distances needed to find the free-local life and color. Stop for photo opportunities, pointing out architectural designs, or focusing on specific interests you may have, as well as pointing out some of the many monuments of jaipur or food streets with rarer testes.

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